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I see "JnF Specialties" on my credit card statement but I don't remember buying anything from them.

Where did this charge on my credit card come from?

Your credit card statement shows that you placed an order for a downloadable product over the internet for your Company's quality improvement project. Typically, a quality control manual or form, inspection procedure or quality management system kit.

Thank you very much for your business. We wish you the best for your project.

Email a request to send a copy of your receipt or call 719-649-4242 to confirm your order.

Search the library of practical quality control solutions or call to facilitate your Company's quality improvement project: 719-649-4242.

Leading Edge Quality Improvement Solutions from At-Practical Quality Control(sm):

AC7004 Nadcap Quality System for special process certification.

AISC Construction Quality System for steel fabricators and erectors.

AS9003 Inspection and Test Quality System Kit for manufacturers of non-complex products.

Tailored ISO 9001 bare minimum kit for DLA Aviation and DLA Land and Maritime suppliers that don't want any more documents than necessary for compliance.

Rich from Discovery Corp. reports:

"Two months after I started work in earnest to achieve compliance with Tailored ISO 9001, I called my QAR to assert compliance and they sent two people to perform a survey of my facility. A few days later, I received a letter of acceptance for my quality system!"

The At-PQC™ tailored ISO 9001 quality system is proven in industry to enable your Company to qualify for or continue to contract with DLA Aviation or DLA Land and Maritime.

Our founding website is Quality Control Plan . com.

Our demo's website is At-PQC ™ Project Quality Control Plans for Improvement Initiatives.

Our catalog and secure purchase website is JnF Specialties At-Practical Quality Control (sm).